A Place of Presence | North Carolina Yoga


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By Lisa A. Muehlenbein, E-RYT 200, RYT 500

C.S. Lewis said, “This moment contains all moments.”  It’s really true, if you think about it.  Everything we have experienced in our lives prior to this present moment has shaped us into who we are today.  Every moment has had a purpose…a lesson to be learned.  The problem is, were we present enough to learn that lesson and apply it to our lives in order to live the best life possible?  Our yoga studios hold the ability to enable our students to achieve a balance and presence of mind to be open to life’s lessons.  Whether we are driving in the car, engaged in conversation with friends or drinking our morning coffee, we have the ability to be present and mindful in that moment and absorb what is going on around us.  By being open and available to the experiences we encounter, we are able to learn.  When we learn, we allow personal growth and development occur.  So, take each moment and learn from it.  Be present Be mindful.  Be hOMe.

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