The “Happiest Place On Earth is Found Within”


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Walt Disney World is coined as being “The Happiest Place On Earth.”  I have fond memories of traveling there as a child with my sister and my parents.  Now, as a grown-up with my own children, I have had the pleasure and privilege of seeing the joy that it brings to them.  Thus, if you’ve seen the Disney commercial of the two children “trying” to go to sleep the night before their big Disney adventure; they are sharing their thoughts and ideas with one another, imagining  what amazing adventures might lie ahead.  Mom & Dad remind them to go to sleep. At which point, the little boy says, “We’re too excited to sleep!”  I can totally relate!  As they visualized themselves meeting Mickey and touring Cinderella’s Castle, I remember doing the same thing.  Not only as a kid, but even as a grown up.  Whenever there is a certain event or special occasion coming up, I lay in bed envisioning how that event would go.  Parties, birthdays, weddings, studio construction and now, just like these kids going to Disney, I have been picturing in my head how this trip to Thailand would go.  I am very much looking forward to the experience of a new place and meeting new people from other parts of the country as well as the other side of the World and sharing it with you.
I suppose along with envisioning goes planning.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge planner!  I prefer to have as much advanced notice as possible so that I can have all my ducks in a row…this is especially helpful when you are coordinating a business and a family and need to be sure all entities run smoothly while you’re away.  On top of being a planner, I am also a lister!  Do you make lists???   Well, the list has been checked and re-checked.  The bags are packed.  (In fact, I’m in-flight as I type this 😉  But there is one thing I left behind.  In fact, I deliberately “forgot” my need to be on a schedule and my need for everything to go as planned.  I have been told that some inclement weather in Thailand may deter some of our plans; however, it’s ok.  It’s O.K!  I’m actually really looking forward to being somewhat of a “free spirit” and just “being” on this adventure.  Justbeing in Thailand.  Just being with new people.  Just being.  How often do we allow ourselves to do that?  I’m guessing that, for most of us, it’s not as often as we should.  Hopefully, every time you walk through our studio doors, you feel compelled to “just be.”  If you haven’t been to the studio yet and want to find your place to “be,” we welcome you with open arms and an unfurled mat.  Until next time, Namaste’.

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