Sleep Does the Body Good


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Sleep is one of the best presents we can give ourselves.  It is something we all need to recharge our  bodies, mind, and spirit.  Unfortunately, it is not much of a present if we are unable to sleep.  For most of us, we lead busy lives under constant stress and the pressure of deadlines.  It is no wonder why more and more of us are not getting the rest and sleep our bodies deserve.

Types of Insomnia:

Chinese Medicine acknowledges different types of insomnia.  Each type is caused by different organ imbalances and treated accordingly.

•    Dream disturbed sleep– waking from sleep from any kind of dream.
•    Difficulty falling asleep– this is when the person will lie awake, tossing and turning for hours before falling asleep.
•    Wakes up easily– this person falls asleep easily but wakes up and finds it difficult to go back to sleep.  They may be awake for an hour or more or not go back to sleep at all.
•    Wakes up at a specific time– this person frequently wakes from sleep at the same time each night.

Self help tips:

The most important thing is to be asleep by 11PM.  The reason for is because the liver and gallbladder channels’ time is from 11 PM to 3 AM in the meridian cycle.  If the body is not at rest during this time then these organs are unable to properly metabolize toxins and you may feel tired and sluggish the next day.  Also, do not eat too late or too much before bedtime. If your stomach is full from a big meal or late dinner, your body will spend the night digesting the food instead of resting.  In China it is said,  “When the stomach is distressed, sleep will be distressed.”  Lastly, it is important that you learn to put your stress, tensions and worries to the side before you fall asleep. Meditation is a great way you can achieve this relaxed state.  Many find that meditating 10 to 15 minutes before bed will help you to fall asleep naturally.

If you are tired of not sleeping or just want good quality sleep, remember that acupuncture and Chinese medicinals are a great alternative to chemical sedatives.  Call for your appointment with Betty at Zen Garden Yoga.