Travels of a Yogi: Banyan Tree and the Superhighway of Life


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Our quaint, little cottage at the Vivanta by Taj Holiday Village Hotel in Goa, India is flanked by two towering Banyan trees. With many branches and roots descending both downward and upward, they are beyond fascinating to look at. I am immediately intrigued to learn more. The size and stature of the Banyan is unlike any tree that I have ever seen. From the main trunk, many branches travel down toward the Earth seeking to create even more roots in order to gain more of a stronghold to support its massive trunk. Even more branches twist and wind upward as if reaching toward the sun for nourishment and future growth. As I revere this amazing monument of nature, I am immediately reminded of the parallels of this tree to our lives. We have our main trunk which is the foundation we are given by our parents. Then each of our experiences we incur on our adventures through our lives are translated through the branches like a superhighway of events shaping us into who we will become. Some of those branches grow into more roots, creating stability and a stronger base of support to help us weather any storms that may come our way. Yet, other experiences allow us to branch upward. To grow. To learn. To rise up from who we were to who we will become. It is said that the Buddha sat under a Banyan tree for 7 days to attain enlightenment. Perhaps we won’t be sitting under the Banyan for more than a few minutes or ever reaching enlightenment; however, it is hard to not be moved by the sheer strength and stability of this tree. Each day, each experience, each moment, we are moving in both directions. Creating stronger roots and developing organically into more amazing individuals. Just as the Banyan tree has done with it’s branches and roots, we will back upon our lives we will be in awe at how much we have done, where we have come from and who we are.


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