Travels of a Yogi: Still Waters


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Travels of a Yogi: Still Waters

Nestled in the Sri Lanna National Park of Chiang Mai, Thailand, you will find rustic cabin-type dwellings dotting the surface of the water. These floating cottages have been my home for the last 3 days. For anyone who knows me, rustic is not exactly my middle name. In fact, I prefer a place with room service and a spa, but there is something to be said for the peace and calm that surround our “Om Waters” cottage. As I sat and meditated on the bamboo deck on our last morning, it was impossible not to feel a sense of amazement for the beauty at our feet. The water was calm and serene. The verdant, green mountains peaked up over the horizon. Sounds of cicadas, birds, and numerous other jungle creatures provided the symphony for our ears. While a slight breeze caressed my skin, the warm rays of the sun felt like a blanket of gratitude. Gratitude for those around me, sharing in my experience. Gratitude for the staff and students who are holding down the fort while I’m gone. And most definitely gratitude for the loving husband and family who support my dreams and make this all possible. As I continue to gaze out over the still lake, now and then I would see a fish jump, or small fishing boat go by creating ripples in the stillness. These ripples remind me of those that periodically penetrate the still waters of our lives. I am reminded that while every person experiences ripples, these too shall pass and still, peaceful, calm waters will always find their way back. And, while the ripples may seem like rolling waves, we shouldn’t lose sight of the beauty of the mountains, the cooling breeze or the warmth of the sun. Whenever ripples make their way into our lives, beauty still remains if we choose to keep our eyes open to it. For, without the ripples, we wouldn’t have gratitude for everything else.

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