A Moment of Mindfullness – Positive Energy


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By: Leslie Lehman, RYT 200

One of the many definitions of the Sanskrit word “Namaste” refers to reflection and can be summarized into “the brightness in me reflects brightly on you.”

Every moment of our day we are constantly reflecting energy and absorbing energy. This energy comes from multiple sources; a few of which include our breath, food, ourselves, and others. Yoga focuses on embracing your positive energy and letting go of the negative energy.

Finding your positive energy can be a challenge, especially when you are upset, tired or uncomfortable. However, your mind is a powerful vehicle for finding the strength to find the positive in all scenarios. The alternative of allowing negativity to reflect from you is encompassing because it has a domino effect of absorption. When you reflect negativity onto one then they reflect that same negativity onto another and so on.You have the power of stopping the cycle of negativity by simply saying a kind word or giving a helping hand. Then your positive energy is passed onto the next person that person encounters.

Our mind feels the need to react to negative energy with the same negativity, however this only causes you pain and the rest of the world. When we chose to reflect positive energy versus negative energy we allow our world to be one of beauty and bliss. The negative energy is not absorbed and the tension, depression, and compression that is attributed with negative energy is not absorbed by the body, mind and spirit. Being positive as an intention for living every moment of your life is simple but challenging. Our minds our built to favor the negative especially in challenging situations. The power to focus on the positive allows our mind and body to reflect our inner beauty and spirit. Reflecting and absorbing negativity only harms the body, mind and spirit.

Take a few moments to visualize your energy in all scenarios of your life and see how kindness, joy, and compassion can brighten your spirit and enrich your life.