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Travels of a Yogi: India Full Circle

As you may have read earlier, I had written about my father. I lost him in October of 1993 when I was 18 years old after a year-long battle with cancer. In that post, I had also mentioned that my father had lived in India as a young boy.

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My journey to India

Well, for me, this fall welcomes the journey of a lifetime for me. I will be heading to India at the end of this month. I will visit places that my father had been before me. Even though he is not here, or there, I feel that he will be with me as I make this trip around the globe. I invite you to come, too. Just as I blogged while in Thailand, I will be blogging my way around the World. Come along, it is sure to be a trip that I’ll never forget!

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Travels of a Yogi: Elephant Amazement

Prior to venturing across the globe to Thailand, my 4 yr. old daughter and I had many discussions about what I was going to do while I was there. One of the highlights of our itinerary planning was going to be seeing elephants. Elephants in Thailand are revered in work as well as religion. The sad part is, much of their work is exploitative…giving rides to tourists and even walking the streets at night begging for tourists to “pay” their “mahout” (trainer) for a bag of food to feed them or to take a photo.

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Travels of a Yogi

Today’s the day! I’ve been in California for the last 2 days hanging out in Ojai with my dear friend, Leeann Carey, hanging out at an adorable, quaint, little Inn called the Blue Iguana. We’ve had a wonderful time catching up, eating yummy food, drinking wine, doing some last minute work before I head to the other side of the World and just having some plain old girl time. It’s been lovely! So, today, I wake up at 4:45am (7:45am Eastern) because I’m not acclimated to the time change yet.

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The “Happiest Place On Earth is Found Within”

Walt Disney World is coined as being “The Happiest Place On Earth.” I have fond memories of traveling there as a child with my sister and my parents. Now, as a grown-up with my own children, I have had the pleasure and privilege of seeing the joy that it brings to them. Thus, if you’ve seen the Disney commercial of the two children “trying” to go to sleep the night before their big Disney adventure; they are sharing their thoughts and ideas with one another, imagining what amazing adventures might lie ahead. Mom & Dad remind them to go to sleep.

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