Travels of a Yogi: What Day Is It Anyway?


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As I type this, I can view the flight map on the tv screen on the back of the seat in front of me. We have flown up the coast of California, the Western edge of Canada and Alaska. It shows us that we are actually going to be crossing the Bearing Sea and the International Date Line shortly. So…I left LAX on Friday, June 8 at 1:14pm, 4:14pm in SC and 7:14pm in Thailand…I just haven’t figured out if it was 7:14pm yesterday or tomorrow? I think “tomorrow” because when I get there, it will be 11:00pm on Saturday, June 9. When we make our connection in Tokyo, it will be 5pm, there. So, I’m trying to decide whether I should try to stay awake so that I can get some rest when we land in Bangkok at 11pm~ since our flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand doesn’t leave until 7am on Sunday, June 10. Are you following that? Or are you as thoroughly confused as I am??? Lol! Well, either way, it’s all good! I keep reminding myself that I am letting go of having to have a schedule. Letting go of having to know where I need to be and when I need to be there. So far, so good…I think 😉 In the meantime, I think I am going to try to stay up until I get to Bangkok. It makes me feel a little bit like a kid again when I’d try to stay up ’til midnight on New Years or to wait up for Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. Trying to keep my eyes open may prove futile because I will have been up for over 24 hrs. by the timfe i get to Bangkok and into a bed…but I don’t want to sleep on the plane and then be wide awake at 11pm in Bangkok (the song “One Night In Bangkok” is running through my head right now!). My brain hurts even trying to figure out what time it will be in SC when I get there…what I do know is that it there is a 19 hour time change from SC to Chiang Mai. All in all, the trip is (with connections & stopovers) scheduled to take 28 hours. It was so weird to think that I left LA on Friday, but don’t get to Chiang Mai until 2 calendar days later…so what day IS it anyway???

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