Travels of a Yogi


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Today’s the day! I’ve been in California for the last 2 days hanging out in Ojai with my dear friend, Leeann Carey, hanging out at an adorable, quaint, little Inn called the Blue Iguana. We’ve had a wonderful time catching up, eating yummy food, drinking wine, doing some last minute work before I head to the other side of the World and just having some plain old girl time. It’s been lovely! So, today, I wake up at 4:45am (7:45am Eastern) because I’m not acclimated to the time change yet. I think to myself, “GREAT! I will get up, pack, take a shower and be ready to go in plenty of time.” Especially since with connections and layovers, I will be travelling for the next 28 hours, so I thought it would be great to wash my hair and be ready to roll. Plus, I figured we will be able to have a leisurely breakfast and coffee before tackling the traffic on the 405 back to LAX. A few moments later, I am showered, make-up’ed and packed. Great, right?! Well, I go to plug in the blow dryer at the Inn…nothing. Nothing! Dryer is dead! I walk to the front desk and they aren’t open yet. Of course! Well, since I have been informed that the weather in Chiang Mai, Thailand is rain, rain, rain, I suppose that I will be seeing a lot of wet hair in my future! So, thinking back to my last blog post about just “being” and “going with the flow,” I guess this is life handing me that lesson before I get on the plane to prepare me for the rustic accommodations that await me. So, I continued on, unfazed, hair up in a clip, and away we go!

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